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  Student Affairs

Vice- Chancellor for Student Affairs
Dr. Rasoul Daneshfaraz

Phone: 04137273068 Ext: 319
Home page:

Doctor Rasoul Daneshfaraz has served as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Maragheh since 2014.
This vice-chancellory is consisting of many departments encouraging learning new experiences for the students.
The employees in this section may work in a wide variety of settings, but they all share one goal:  To ensure that every student on our campus has the equal opportunities for their personal and professional training, with special emphasis on social cooperation, health and wellness awareness and engagement within and out university communities.

The Vice- Chancellor and the related division of Student Affairs are responsible for the following:
Creating peaceful environment, programs, and services supporting the university’s “teaching and learning” ideas - 

Offering services necessary for the peaceful living on campus -

Preparing and developing regulations, frameworks and standards of the proper organization of students' services and dormitory affairs  -

Making reasonable partnerships and collaborations between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs in support of initiatives to enhance teaching and research goals; -
Performing other duties agreed by the Vice- Chancellor for Students and Socio-Cultural Affairs -