The City of Maragheh at a glance


Maragheh is one of the vast garden cities of Iran, and also the second largest city in the province of East Azerbaijan after Tabriz. Once Maragheh was capital of Iran and it is located at the southern part of the beautiful Sahand Mountain foot and on the bank of Sufi Chay River. The city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year with ravishing green mountains, myriads of historical sightseeing, more than 300 rich ancient monuments, and towers. Among the long list of its famous historical monuments are Observatory of Maragheh, Red Dome, Blue Dome, Ghafari Dome, Circular Tower, Temple of Maragheh, Ohadi Maragheyi Tomb, Pigeon Cave and Huvans Church are part of the city's historical monuments. Maragheh entitled as paradise of fossils of the world, the universe of history and the ancient Persian land has always served as a focal point in the studying and teaching of science, literature and art. Numerous elites have been cultivated in Maragheh and introduced to the Islamic world and Iran. Abdul Qadir Maraghi, Khaje Nasiruddin Tusi, Ohadi Maraghi were among the city's great figures. Maragheh also holds great professors and scholars in his heart now. Maragheh has been the gateway to the Iranian Culture since the ancient millennia.