Vice-Chancellor for Education and Research Affairs

Dr. Mohammad Mehdizadeh
Academic Position: Associate Professor
Department: Mathematics
Section: Applied Mathematics - Numerical Analysis
Phone: +984137274893 Ext: 435

Duties and Authorities:
* Planning for education affairs and postgraduate studies in collaboration with relevant units and * supervising the implementation of educational activities of faculties
* Educational planning of the university in the event of a comprehensive and scientific map
* Planning to promote scientific and technical skills of students for entry to the community
* Planning to provide facilities and allocate necessary funds to interaction between domain and university (religion and science)
* Implementation of short term training courses
* Management and supervision the implementation of all policies, stipulations and educational processes and postgraduate studies of the university
* Evaluation of educational performance of students, faculty members and managers of various units and reflection them to the university chancellor evaluation and revision of curriculum in order to efficient update of faculty members