Maragheh University - Mohammad Sabzi

Name Mohammad Sabzi
Academic Position Associate Professor

Personal Page

Mohammad Sabzi
University of Maragheh
Chemical Engineering Department
Daneshgah St., Ma’adar Sq., Maragheh,
East Azerbaijan Province, Iran 55181-83111

Cell-phone: +984137278001 
Ext: 81-157
Email: http://ms_chm@yahoo.com                   

Educational background

Visiting Research Student 02/2012-02/2013
North Dakota State University (NDSU) Fargo, ND, USA
  • - Developing a low-cost mass-production technique to turn soy protein into high value nanofibers, encapsulating drug in the nanofibers and evaluating its release profile.
  • - Preparation of superabsorbent polymers derived from DDGS (abundant by-product of corn ethanol).
  • - Advisor: Dr. Long Jiang
Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering
Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) Tehran, Iran
  • - Thesis: Investigating morphology, mechanical, thermal, rheological and electrical properties of polylactic acid (PLA) nanocomposites
  • - Advisors: Dr. M. Atai & Dr. I. Ghasemi
  • - GPA: 17.53/20
M.Sc. in Polymer Science & Engineering 09/2006-09/2008
Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) Tehran, Iran
  • - Thesis: Improving Dispersability of Nano TiO2 Particles in Polyurethane Coatings via Their Surface Modification
  • - Advisors: Dr. S.M. Mirabedini & Dr. J. Zohuriaan-Mehr
  • - GPA: 17.85/20
B.Sc. in Chemistry (Pure) 02/2003-05/2006
Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat Moallem (AUTM) Tabriz, Iran
  • - Thesis: Synthesis of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H) by a one-pot three-component cyclocondensation reaction
  • - Advisor: Dr. H. Valizadeh
  • - GPA: 17.61/20

Teaching Experience

  1. Instructed “Engineering properties of polymers” Course (graduate students of polymer engineering).
  2. Instructed “Advanced Fundamentals of Nanomaterial’s Chemistry” Course (graduate students of nanomaterials engineering).
  3. Instructed “Characterization Techniques of Polymers” Course (graduate students of polymer engineering).
  4. Instructed “Organic Chemistry of Engineering” Course (undergraduate students of chemical engineering).
  5. Instructed “Environmental Engineering” Course (undergraduate students of chemical engineering).
  6. Instructed “An introduction into Chemical Engineering” Course (undergraduate students of chemical engineering).

Research Interests

  • - Self-healing hydrogels
  • - Shape memory plastics
  • - Application of smart polymers and nanoparticles in drug delivery systems
  • - Electrical, mechanical and rheological properties of composites
  • - Structure- property relationship in composites
  • - Surface modification ofNano- particles and studying organic-inorganic interface
  • - Wastewater treatment



  • - Awarded as a Top Researcher Among the academic staffs in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Maragheh, 2019.
  • - Graduate Research Assistantship, Mechanical Engineering Department, North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo, 2012.
  • - Awarded by National Talent Organization of Iran, 2007.
  • - Ranked #10 out of ~24,000 participants in the national master’s entrance exam, 2006.
  • - Ranked first among bachelor students, Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat Moallem (AUTM), Chemistry Department, 2006.
  • - Ranked third among master students, Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute (IPPI), Polymer Engineering Dept. 2008.


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Administrative duties

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Other Skills

Computer Proficiency
  • - Microsoft Applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Project
  • - Statistical Analysis Software: SPSS

Membership in Council and Committees

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Funded Reasearch Projects

Iran National Science Foundation (INSF)                                                       09/2018-02/2020
Preparation of pH-sensitive Nanocomposite Hydrogels Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol/Nano Silver with Capability of Controlled and Targeted Release of Anticancer and Antibiotic Drugs
University of Maragheh                                                                               

Iran National Science Foundation (INSF)                                                       02/2016-09/2016
Production of Biocompatible Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Superior Mechanical Properties, Fast, Autonomous and Intrinsic Self-heal-ability for Biomedical Applications.
  • University of Maragheh01/2016-08/2016
Preparing bionanocomposites based on polylactic acid (PLA)/polyvinylacetate (PVAc)/graphene with shape memory behavior

Cooperation with journals

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