Maragheh University - Amir Farzaneh

Name Amir Farzaneh
Academic Position Assistant Professor

Personal Page

Educational background

University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran         9/2012, 01/2017
PhD, Materials Science an d Engineering (Electrochemistry & corrosion engineering)

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran.            9/2007- 6/2010
M.Sc. Materials science-Corrosion and protection of materials.

Sahand University of Technology (SUT), Tabriz, Iran.       1/2003-2/2007
B.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering, Extraction metallurgy.

Teaching Experience


Advanced Materials: University of Maragheh 2017-2018
corrosion and protection of metals: University of Maragheh 2017-2018
Materials Selection: University of Maragheh 2017-2018
Extraction Metallurgy : University of Maragheh 2017-2018
Non destructive Testing: University of Maragheh 2017-2018
Materials characterization laboratory, lecturer, Izmir Katip Celeby, 2014-2015
  Advanced  Electrochemistry,  T.A,  Department  of  Materials  Science  and  Engineering,  University  of
 Surface  and  Coating  technology,  T.A,  Department  of  Materials  Science  and  Engineering,  University  of
 Lecturer , Mechanical Engineering department, Adiban university, Garmsar, Iran  01/2014-08/2014
Welding metallurgy
 Physical properties of materials
  English Technical Language
 Invited  lecturer,  Department  of  Pharmacy,  Tabriz  University  of  medical  science,  Nano  Materials production Methods, Fall Semester, 2013

Research Interests

corrosion-Electrochemistry- Coating
Nano and bio materials
failure Analysis



1-    National Elites Institute of Iran, member of young inventor, 2009.
2-    Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, top researcher, 2009.
3-    University of Tabriz, First Ranked PhD candidate, 2012
4-    University of Tabriz, Selected top elite student among PhD students, 2016
5-    University of Tabriz, Selected top PhD thesis, 2016


Steel production process with nucleation TiO2 nano powder, in Iranian patent.2007


Administrative duties

Head of Failure analysis and life assessment department, Razi applied science foundation 2017-2018
Lab manager, Laboratory of materials characterization, Izmir katib Celebi university 2014-2016
Lab manager,  Laboratory of corrosion and coatings,  University of Tabriz  Laboratory 2012-2014
expert,  Razi metallurgical research center2009-2011
Member, Iranian corrosion association.
  Head of one group in Iranian national standard organization to establish corrosion standard.
2012 present

Other Skills

Co-supervised the following students working on their final year projects towards their BSc/MSc
degrees or working as Co-op students in Materials Engineering; work involved test plan development,
experimental results analysis, reporting the research findings and preparing technical/scientific
Student  Grade  University  Supervisor  Year
Mostafa Sarvari  MSc  Bahonar University of Kerman  M. Ehteshamzadeh  2010-2011
Negin Boroshak  MSc  University of Tabriz  Sh. KHameneh Asl  2012-2013
Maryam Aram  MSc  University of Tabriz  Sh. KHameneh Asl  2012-2013
Sina Adhami  PhD  Tabriz University of medical science  N. Sadrnejhad  2013-2-1

Membership in Council and Committees

Membe of Iranian corrosion conference.

Funded Reasearch Projects

University of Izmir Katip Celebi, Izmir, Turkey  10/2014-09/2016
Invited Visiting Research Assistant, advisor: Prof. Salih Okur
Investigation of nano-structured super-hydrophobic coatings from natural mineral particles.
  Development of new type of composite materials application as gas sensor.
University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran  07/2012-10/2014
Research Assistant, advisor: Dr. Sh. Khameneh Asl
Study of superhydrophobicity, corrosion and erosion performance of Ni-based rough micronano-structure coatings.
Development of new type of composite materials application as super-capacitor
Razi Metallurgical Research Center, Tehran, Iran   03/2010-06/2012
Research Engineer Advisors: Dr. N.Varahram, Dr. Zaki Ahmad
•  Inspector of Oil field corrosion projects
•  Fracture and failure analyzing   

•   Corrosion properties of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite
•   Pipeline corrosion.
High Technology and Environmental Sciences, International Center for Science, Materials Research
Institute, Kerman, Iran    03/2008-01/2010
Research Engineer Advisor: Dr. M. Ehteshamzadeh
• Investigation of properties of nickel electroless nanocomposite coating with nanoSiC particle.
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran  09/2007-01/2008
Research Assistant, advisor: M. Ghorbani,
mproved wear resistance of steel substrates using Ni-SiC nano-composite coatings (collaboration
with Materials Research Institute, Kerman, Iran

Cooperation with journals

1- Journal of Applied Electrochemistry - Springer
The Journal of Porous Materials