Maragheh University - Yousef Nasiri

Name Yousef Nasiri
Academic Position Assistant Professor

Personal Page

Dr Yousef Nasiri
Associate Professor of Plant Production Genetics and Plant Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ph.D. Ecology of Plants


Educational background

B.A.: Agronomy and Plant Breeding
M.A.: Agriculture
Ph.D.: Ecology of crops

Teaching Experience

Public agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Public ecology, Agricultural ecology, Organic farming, Post-harvest agriculture, New and farmed crops, Ecology of crops production, Cultivation of medicinal and medicinal plants, Distribution of medicinal and aromatic communities, Medicinal plants and familiarity with Machinery and equipment for the extraction of materials, landscape ecology, plant nutrition and biological  fertilizers, conservation ecosystems, sustainable production of crops, biodiversity

Research Interests

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Administrative duties

Head of Department of Production Engineering and Plant Genetics

Other Skills

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Membership in Council and Committees

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Funded Reasearch Projects

Investigating the Application of Organic and Biological Inputs on Growth, Performance, and Qualitative Characteristics of Medicinal Herb "marian thistle"

Cooperation with journals

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