Maragheh University - Maryam Moosavifar

Name Maryam Moosavifar
Academic Position Assistant Professor

Personal Page

Department of Chemistry                                            
Maragheh university
Tel: 09143209664
Status: Ph.D
Position: Associate Professor
Brith Date: 21/6/1972


Educational background

2004-2009  Ph.D. of  Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Esfahan university, Esfahan, Iran
1997-1999   M.Sc of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Guilan university, rasht, Iran
1992-1996   B.Sc of  Education Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Tabriz university, Tabriz, Iran


Teaching Experience

Esfahan University

 - General Chemistry lab

University of applied Science and Technology

- Inorganic Chemistry
- Inorganic Chemistry lab
- Chemical Technology
- Material science
- Non Metallic Mineral Industries

Maragheh University

- Inorganic Chemistry 1
- Inorganic Chemistry lab1
- General Chemistry 1
- General Chemistry lab1
- Inorganic Chemistry 2
- Inorganic Chemistry lab2
- Group Theory
- Characterization of nano material structure (M.Sc)
- Supramolecular Chemistry (M.Sc)
- Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (M.Sc)
- Kinetic and thermodynamic of Inorganic Compounds (M.Sc)
- Physical Inorganic Chemistry (M.Sc)
- Spectroscopy of Inorganic Compounds (M.Sc)
Payam-e-nour University

- Inorganic Chemistry 1
 - Inorganic Chemistry lab1
 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (B.Sc) (Miandoab and Maragheh)

Research Interests

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Administrative duties

- Head of the Department of Chemistry, University of Maragheh
- Member of the Nanotechnology Committee of University of Maragheh
- Member of faculty of the University of Maragheh from 1988 to present,
and lecturer of Payame Noor University of Miandoab and Maragheh- and science and technology of Maragheh food industry
- Master's Guide to Undergraduate Students
- Participation in the launch of the Master of Inorganic Chemistry and Nano science


Other Skills

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Membership in Council and Committees

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Funded Reasearch Projects

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Cooperation with journals

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