Maragheh University - Fatemeh Pourebrahim

Name Fatemeh Pourebrahim
Academic Position Instructor

Personal Page

Fatemeh Poorebrahim, Faculty member of University of Maragheh

Educational background

B.A. in Translation, Tabriz University
M.A. in TEFL , Shahid Madani University
Ph.D. in TEFL , Sheykh Bahayi Esfahan University

Teaching Experience

Teaching in Shahid Madani University in 2007, 2010
Teaching in Azad and Payamnoor Universities of Maragheh since 2009
Teaching ESP in University of Maragheh 2012


Research Interests



 Attaining the creative association in 2016- 2017
Accomplishing  second rank in movement festival in whole country 2017

Selected Assistant Professor at University of  Maragheh, 10th Festival of Movement, 2017


Not available


Administrative duties

- The faculty member of language department of University of Maragheh since 2012
- Head of the Teacher Training Center of College of Education of Maragheh from 2015 to 2017
- Public Relations Directorate since 2017

Other Skills

Not available

Membership in Council and Committees

Honorary faculty member of the Philology department in the international society of communication and development between universities: Spain. ISCDBU

Honorary Faculty Member of the Department of Linguistics, International Association for the Development of Inter-University Relations. 08/08/2012): www. isc social


Funded Reasearch Projects

Not available

Cooperation with journals

Not available