Maragheh University - Ali Safarzadeh

Name Ali Safarzadeh
Academic Position Assistant Professor

Personal Page

Ali Safarzadeh

Educational background

B.A. : Bagher al olum
The graduate of level 4 in religious and principle studies from Ghom

Teaching Experience

- Islamic revolution of Iran
- Introduction to the Constitution
- Thematic Commentary of the Quran
- Analytical History of Islam
- Ritual Life or Applied Ethics
- Jurisprudence texts 1
- The texts of jurisprudence 2
- The late Mozafar
- Arabic Literature Spelling and Syntax

Research Interests

Not available



- Top researcher of Bagher Al-ulum University
- Has 10 papers selected at the 2nd National Congress of Software Science and  producing science and Free Thinking Software Movement


Not available


Administrative duties

Head of the Seminary of the Ambassadors’ of Guidence of Tabriz
Chairman of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership in East Azarbaijan Province Administrator of the Department of Islamic Studies of University of Maragheh
 Deputy of Education and Seminary of Bonab City Deputy Social-cultural University of Maragheh

Other Skills

Not available

Membership in Council and Committees

Not available

Funded Reasearch Projects

Not available

Cooperation with journals

Not available