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  Maragheh City
The city of Maragheh, which is of paramount historical importance, is situated southwest of the East Azarbaijan province, Iran. It is located between Orumieh Lake and Sahand Volcano.
The economic mainstay of this important city is agricultural and livestock products. The city is fed by rivers that originate from Sahand Mountain.
In addition to the production of fruits, especially dried fruits. It is also one of the main centers for the export of dried fruits.
 Maragheh is home to more than 300 historical monuments and over 110 relics from different historical periods. It has nurtured many literary figures, scientists and artists throughout the course of history.
The population of this city stands at 260,000 people, making Maragheh the second largest city of East Azarbaijan, after Tabriz.
In the post-Islamic era, Maragheh has been of paramount importance and it was selected as the capital of Iran in mid-13th century to mid-14th century AD. With the foundation of a large university and an observatory in this city, numerous scientists gathered in the city. Maragheh Observatory was founded under the supervision of famous Iranian scientist, Khajeh Nassireddin Tousi, in 1257. This famous institutional astronomic observatory and academic center called ‘RASAD KHANEH’ which is said to be biggest academic and scientific institution of the time.