Date : 2019 Saturday 05 Jan
Code 11

Iran Laboratory Research Association established

Iran Laboratory Research Association was founded with the purpose of establishing a headquarter at University of Maragheh.
As cited by the Public Relations Department of the University of Maragheh, Dr. Ahmad Aghaee, head of the central laboratory of the Maragheh and a founding member of Iran Laboratory Research Association, announced the establishment of this association. He also added: “The license to establish the Laboratory Research Association of Iran was, with the endless efforts of the founding staff, was issued by the approval of the Commission of the Scientific Councils of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.Founding Board representative of Iran Laboratory Research Association accentuated "The formation of this association, focusing on the laboratories of universities and research centers are, includes the following goals:  a) establishing a scientific,  professional, research and educational relationships,  b) exchanging different points of view among the specialists and laboratory experts of the country,  c) boosting cooperation among the specialists in different fields of biology in order to optimize the use of human resources and equipment of the country,  d) increasing the culture of networking among the country's scientific laboratories,  e) removing the obstacles to achieving these goals,  f) targeting special attention to culture promotion in the field of health, safety and the environment (HSE) and laboratory standardization,  g) organizing various training courses and workshops to enhance the knowledge of laboratory experts and all active staffs of laboratories of the country,  h) holding relevant national and international scientific conferences ,  i) establishing effective links with the relevant associations and engendering related initiatives at the international level,  k) forming scientific and expert committees in various fields of laboratory science with the cooperation and participation of the Association members, and  l) cooperating efficiently with all related scientific associations working with laboratories and workshops in order to improve country's scientific laboratories’ quality.
Finally, Dr. Aghaee pointed out:” For more information, professors, interested experts and students can contact via email. For joining up this Association , you can fill out the membership form the following website
: http://