Date : 2019 Saturday 19 Jan
Code 16

The 11th “Festival of Harekat” in the University of Maragheh: the Students’ Scientific Accomplishments

As reported by the department of public relations of the university, the exhibition of this festival was held during 4 days by the presence of 19 students’ scientific associations in 22 pavilions. The students’ scientific works were judged in different scientific and research areas.
Mr. Shokri, deputy Governor of Maragheh, stated that in academic societies, research should be the first priority, and the outcomes of these scientific synergies will affect the scientific, technical, social and political progress of the community.
The governor of Maragheh pointed out: "Since the establishment of the university, its impact on various areas and sections has been crystal clear, and this trend has proceeded more or less so far. Universities should be the axis of active development and progress of society with special focus on science and research. Paying too much attention to the political debates in the university strays the university from its major mission and decreases its improvement speed.
"We hope to reach a marked position through the scientific evolutions occurring in universities. Fortunately, the Iranians’ brain has the required potential to make a crucial contribution to scientific progress as it has already shown its effects," said Mr Shokri.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Lotf Allahi Yaghein, the chancellor of the University of Maragheh, also held: "We are very honored that a group of elites with their admirable efforts move in line with identifying motivated and talented students in terms of scientific research at the University of Maragheh at the level of students’ academic associations.
He also appreciated that the “Festival of Harekat”, annually held to raise scientific innovation and educational and research creativity, was also held this year with the initiative and support of the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs of the University, and with the efforts of the students and their professors.
Dr. Lotfollahi Yagheyn also added: "The University of Maragheh, the most crucial and the largest scientific center in the south of the province, is nowadays moving swiftly toward growth, development and scientific and cultural progress with the efforts of the staff and the students. This vitality and scientific dynamism requires students’ research activities and creativity which was visible in the form of the 11th “Harekat Festival”. This event brought forth a clear hope and vivid vision of increasing acceleration in knowledge and effort to build the Islamic Iran. This claim can be proved by the students’ successes and the various awards and honors gained by them in the previous national “Festivals of Harekat” in last recent years. The students’ scientific associations of the University of Maragheh ranked sixth among more than 110 Universities and Higher Education Centers in the 10th “Festival of Harekat”. Therefore, the university of Maragheh has always been successful in different national festivals like “Harekat”, “Rouyesh”, and “Titr” by the help of God and the efforts of the students and the academic staff.