Date : 2019 Tuesday 07 May
Code 22

The University of Maragheh from Iran becomes a member of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus Region

The fifth summit of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus region were hosted by the University of Tabriz and attended by the President of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus Region, the head of the University of Tabriz, the Turkish Consulate General in Tabriz, The representative of the ministry of foreign affairs in East Azarbaijan, as well as a group of university heads of Iran and Turkey. During this summit, University of Maragheh also joined to 14 universities of Iran existed in this list.
According to the Public Relations Department of the University of Maragheh, the Union of Caucasus Universities has more than 120 members from Russia, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Iran, China, Dagestan and Moldova. The union was established in 2009 based on the proposal by Professor Ramadan Karkmaz, head of the University of the Transcendence of Turkey. Since the establishment of the Union of Caucasus Universities, its annual congresses have been held in different regions. It should be noted that the goals of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus region are the improvement of the quality of the educational system and the elimination of problems regarding equalizing academic documents, the organization of seminars and symposia, the creation of a forum for the exchange of professors and students in the framework of Rumi's program, the implementation of research projects a joint forum on the material and spiritual abilities of the region and the organization of international symposiums in this area.