Date : 2019 Tuesday 21 May
Code 26

Director of Research at the University of Maragheh pointed out:

The highest ranking of the University of Maragheh, is still maintained compared to the last year’s rank. Dr Naser Sabaghnia, director of research at the university of Maragheh, announced the university has maintained its highest rank in the latest ranking announced by the ISC. According to this rating, University of Maragheh was placed in the rank of 22 to 30 among the 84 universities and higher education institutions and maintained its remarkable position.
According to the Public Relations Department of the University of Maragheh, Dr. Nasser Sabaghnia, based on the new criteria for ISC ranking, only the exact grade of 10 first universities is announced, and given the close rankings of the universities the ranks of other universities are announced within a range in the alphabetic order. Therefore, according to the average rank of different sections, University of Maragheh has been ranked among the top 30 universities in the country. Indicators that affected this assessment are the ability of research, education, international reputation, welfare facilities and socio-economic activities (companies and centers of growth).
 The director of research of the University of Maragheh stated: “Considering importance of the research in this assessment, this university has achieved 16th rank in this criteria and has raised in this regard comparing to last year. University of Maragheh obtained the 9th rank in cultural activities which also has a significant share. In this aspect again, University of Maragheh has improved. The presence of young and elite faculty members who, with the publication of articles in the world's top scientific journals and the achievement of research honors in the region and the university, have made a major contribution to this position. This can be considered as one of the achievements of the University of Maragheh. It is hoped that with the increasing efforts of the staffs, we always see improvement in the status of the university.