Date : 2019 Saturday 28 Dec
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Specialized Meeting on Archaeology Held

The board of archaeologists from Hong Kong University and Science and Research University of Shanxi, China held a specialized session in the University of Maragheh.
Public Relations of University of Maragheh reports that a group of Chinese archaeologists visited the Khajeh Nasirediin Observatory in Maragheh and afterwards a meeting on archaeology was held in the Ohadi Hall of the University of Maragheh, on December, 7, 2019.
Two Chinese professors, Shi Yunly and Fung Kam Wing from Hong Kong University delivered lectures on the archaeology of Maragheh. ‘From Maragheh to Beijing: Islamic astronomy in the Yuan and Ming dynasties’ and ‘Islamic horological technology in China (1260-1580)’ were the titles of the talks.
Reviewing Islamic astronomy in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Prof. Yunly addressed the history of astronomy and its significance in Islamic era in setting pray times and calendars. He introduced Jamaleddin Muhammad, the Muslim astronomer in 1267 and the seven inventions of him in astronomy. Of these inventions, the Muslim calendar was selected as the most important 400-year reference calendar in China.
Drawing on Arabic and Persian astronomy, Chinese Muslims began to investigate atmospheric condition. In the 13th century AD, the Islamic centre for studying atmospheric condition and preparing Chinese calendar was established.
Khajeh Nasireddin Observatory in the city of Maragheh was one of the best-known observatories in the Muslim world. This astronomical and scientific construction was built by Khajeh Nasireddin Toosi – a philosopher, mathematician, and prominent astronomer living in Ilkhkanid time. He benefited from the skill and knowledge of the scholars and skilful craftsmen of his time, including Fao Munji from China, to build the observatory and instruments needed.
The archaeologists’ three-day tour of the observatory, the Ilkhanid Museum and other historic monuments paved the way for further archaeological activities in the city of Maragheh.