Date : 2019 Wednesday 02 Jan
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Two faculty members of the University of Maragheh among 70 top prominent researchers

Dr. Bagher Eftekhari Sis and Dr.Ghodrat Mahmoudi, the faculty members of Basic Science Faculty (Chemistry Department) of University of Maragheh, are elected among70 distinguished national researchers for the third time and the first time respectively. According to the Public Relations Department, Iran scientific elites Federation, under the auspices of the Vice President of Science and Technology, elected 70 researchers as scientific elites in 2018, and Dr. Eftekhari Sis and Dr. Mahmoudi were among these distinguished researchers this year. Dr. Eftekhari has been chosen for the third time as the country's leading scientist. He already accomplished this success in 2015 and 2014.
A number of country’s top and distinguished researchers are selected as scientific elites based on their scientific activities annually. This- program aims at increasing the quality of science and technology in country, escalating international interactions with the world's acclaimed s-cholars, and using the world's accredited scientific centers and infrastructure. A number of the country's top researchers, based on their sc-ientific activities are being selected each year.  Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology has run a program entitled as “Special supp-ort for the top scientific researchers of country” since 2015.