University Chancellor

Dr. Mohammad Zadshakoyan
Telephone Number: +984137273070 Ext: 438


Duties and Authorities
The main duties and authorities of the chancellor are as follows:
  • * Planning and developing the executive policies of the university within academic and educational framework
  • * Observing the performance of the established plans and objectives
  • * Directing educational, research, cultural, administrative, financial, academic and disciplinary affairs as well as all local and international communications
  •  * Coordinating different units in the university and presenting the proposal of establishment, development, dissolution and, integration of the units
  •  * Keeping track of prospective problems and violations and referring them to the related officials
  • * cooperating with other local or foreign academic educational or research institutions
  •  * Appointing or removing the members of Board of Chancellery and deans of affiliated faculties and units and managers of academic departments 
  • * Executing the practice codes issued by the respective ministry