Vice-Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Dr. Akbar Taghizadeh
Academic Position:  
Section: Earthquake and Structural
Phone: +984137278000 Ext: 441


Duties and Authorities:
* Conducting affairs related to the implementation salary and wage systems for staff and faculty members
* Planning and adopting necessary measures to administrate and improve the welfare condition of staff and supervising its smooth performance
* Evaluating the performance and educational feasibility studies of academic staff members
* Redeveloping and constant improvement of human resources system
* Arranging necessary measures to orient and coordinate plans for development of human resources
* Monitoring the provision and adjusting necessary directives on administrative, financial, personnel, welfare, logistics and development affairs within the framework of rules and related regulations
* Constant monitoring the administrative, financial and employment regulations and rules at the headquarters and all affiliated units
* Supervising the costs of all credits including current and developmental one in the affiliated university units
* Cooperating with other Vice Chancellors to implementation of the joint Developmental program
* Offering the necessary justification reports to the Chancellor on tasks related to sub-supervision units.
* Doing necessary actions to study and give a legal view on all agreements, protocols and agreements of the university with related persons
* Presenting advising services to all units of university in respect of assigned duties
* Planning for the creation, development and supply of skeleton spaces of university
* Planning for management and higher supervision of the infra-structural and buildings designs and development
* Doing other duties agreed by the chancellor