Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relationship

Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relationship


Dr. Bijan Abadi
Director of the Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relationship Group

Academic Position: Associate Professor
Department: Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering
Phone: +984137273068 Ext: 359
Email: abadi@maragheh.ac.ir
Home page: https://en.maragheh.ac.ir/Staff/Abadi 

The Office for Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relationship Group (OEIRG) is a department for research and enterprise excellence within the university of Maragheh that strive to produce groundbreaking researches to explain, restrain and improve entrepreneurship and innovation by working with partners in industry, academia and government.

Department goals

  • Planning in regard to student traineeship

  • Performing the affairs related to the scientific cooperation with the industrial sector of the country

  • Encouraging faculty members and Ph. D students to carry out more applied research

  • Holding various courses in order to increase students' skills

  • Communication with various factories and companies to introduce students for internship

  • Identifying industrial companies and factories in order to introduce them to university to conclude a memorandum of cooperation

  • Commercialization research-applied achievements of academic staff and students

  • Promoting knowledge and technology transfer from university to other society sectors

  • Participating in various exhibitions of the country