UM at a Glance


University of Maragheh was established as an Agricultural Research Institute with the purpose of training and providing some of the country's expert forces at high scientific levels in 1987.
It was promoted to the Faculty of Agriculture in 1999 and upgraded to the Higher Education Center in 2005. Finally, in 2006, the Council of Higher Education Development agreed to promote it and in 2009, the University of Maragheh was established. To date, as a public university in the south of East Azarbaijan province, it continues to fulfill its mission and can be considered as a young and developing university in comparison to many universities in Iran and the world.
The university has trained expert forces and has set quality as its number one priority. It has been in a position to become a leading academic institution in the region and in the country.
According to the latest rankings, including 130 universities, University of Maragheh gained the 30th rank.
This university is currently working with four faculties of agriculture, basic sciences, engineering and humanities, one institute for astronomy and astrophysics and one center of technological growth. Students work at different levels of Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s programs relying on the devoted and expert faculty members in order to accomplish the country’s objectives in Future Perspective Document. This University attempts to play an effective role in the higher education system of the region.

University of Maragheh is primarily established to achieve the following objectives:
* To improve society’s intellectual, cultural, scientific, economic, and environmental domains. The research projects are conducted based on the requests of industrial, governmental, and also private sectors
* To enrich knowledge base through supporting professors’ and postgraduate students’ innovative ideas in doing research studies and providing them with the required equipment
* To educate and cultivate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the country and world
* To internationalize the university is another orientation of University of Maragheh. It is being attempted to increase international cooperation with foreign universities and scientific institutes, and to advance exchange programs in order to absorb more foreign students.
Yearly Events
* Opening Ceremony: It is held in September to officially open each academic year in the presence professors, students and administrative staff and to welcome the freshmen.
* Graduation Ceremony: It is held in July to celebrate the official graduation of the students and awarding them their degrees.
* National Student Day: It is a day in which the top students of each department and also top-ranking students in Entrance exam are awarded in the presence of academic staff and other students.
* National Teachers’ Day: It is celebrated on May 2nd each year and it commemorates the martyrdom of Dr. Motahari. It is held in the presence of all academic staff and some elected teachers are glorified and awarded by the chancellor of the university.
* National Inspirational Student Festival (Festival of Harekat): This festival of student associations is yearly held in all universities of the country with a special focus on synergy, development of innovative ideas, and an increase of motivation and inspiration among students. In this festival the students of each department introduces innovate ideas for developing science and education in their field and the ones with the most inspirational ideas are awarded on the closing day of the festival.
Facts and Figures
Basic Statistics

Number of Faculties and Institutes
Four faculties including 1) Faculty of Agriculture, 2) Faculty of Basic Science, 3) Faculty of Engineering, and 4) Faculty of Human Science
 one institute for astronomy and astrophysics and one center of technological growth.

Number of Laboratories
including one central Laboratory

Number of Libraries
including one central library

Number of Scientific Journals

Faculty Members Statistics-2021
  1. Faculty Members (Total): 142
  2. Males:    120           Females: 22
  3. Professors: 16
  4. Associate Professors: 35
  5. Assistant Professors: 88
  6. Instructors: 3
Students Statistics
  1. Students (Total): 3289
  2. Ph.D. students: 58
  3. Master’s students: 736
  4. Bachelor’s students: 2495
Graduates Statistics (2020)
  1. Graduates (Total): 5619
  2. Ph.D. graduates: 16
  3. Master’s graduates: 759
  4. Bachelor’s graduates: 3990
  5. Associate’s graduates: 854
Past Chancellors
* Nazmiyeh, A., Ph.D (1987-1990)
* Eftekharzadeh, M. S., MSc (1990-1993)
* Sonboli, A., Ph.D (1993-1999)
* Azam Parsa, M. R., Ph.D (2000-2003)
* Gharekhani, Gh., Ph.D (2003-2005)
* Hojjati, Gh., Ph.D (2005-2009)
* Zadshakouyan, M., Ph.D (2009-2014)
* Shahabivand, S., Ph.D (2014-2015)
* Lotfollahi, M. A., Ph.D (2015-2021)
* Mohammad Zadshakoyan (2022-present)