International & Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) at the University of Maragheh cooperates with its counterparts around the world. It acts as a point of contact between the University and the international academic communities. This office extended its activities to include international scientific collaborations, international conferences, sabbatical leaves as well as the issues related to international students and teachers. ISCO encourages, promotes and seeks opportunities for members at the University of Maragheh to effectively pursue their interests and careers in a globalized level. At the moment, the University efforts toward expanding its international activities through cooperation with international societies, joint educational and research programs, and invitation of internationally recognized foreign professors for collaboration as adjunct professors or visiting researchers.

General Aims of the Office
$ Internationalizing the university activities and plans as a strategic objective
$ Conducting joint research projects
$ Contributing in scientific conferences, workshops and gatherings
$ Exchanging educational materials and other scientific information
$ Conducting special short-term programs and occasional joint courses
$ Planning the international conferences and workshops.
$ Other bilateral scientific and research activities agreed between UM and abroud universities
$ Exchanging students

To ensure that UM is in the forefront of internationalization; ISCO is responsible to:
* Establish and maintain international relationships and agreements     
* Evaluating international projects/activities and proposals
* Collaborating with international associations and scientific organizations to promote the University interests
* To arrange sabbatical leaves of UM faculty members
* To establish and confirm short term research programs of Ph.D. students at foreign universities
* Acts as a central office for all international cooperative activities
* Explores and identify a different opportunity for international cooperation
* Educates faculty and staff on cross-cultural issues with the intent of making the campus more receptive to international students and faculty members
* Prepares the university management with annual reports on ISCO activities and accomplishments