Academic diplomacy is one of the most wholesome, transparent and humane types of relationship. Wherever it is possible to bind various forces in the international arena on ethical grounds, security would be achieved. Such ethical coexistence among societies is embodied in the academic partnership of institutions embedded in those societies. In the age of knowledge, and given the role of multicultural education in enriching education and promoting equality, the respect, acceptance of mutual understanding of cultures, and the vitality of internationalization of higher education are becoming increasingly important.

Accordingly, in order to expand its scientific and cultural relations with other countries, the University of Maragheh seeks to accept eligible foreign (non-Iranian) students on the basis of the “Regulations on admitting international students not receiving a scholarship [regular students] to University of Maragheh” (date July 22, 2015), which is itself drawn from the “Bylaw for the admission of regular international students to Iranian universities and higher education centers” signed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (dated October 12, 2015).