Academic diplomacy is one of the clearest and healthiest human relations among nations. Whenever it is feasible to tie different capabilities in the international arena on ethical grounds, security can be achieved in those situations. One can see the association of ethical life among societies with academic partnerships with their counterparts in other societies. In the age of knowledge, and considering the role of multicultural education in enriching education and promoting equality, the respect and acceptance of mutual understanding of cultures, the vitality of internationalization of higher education is even more highlighted.

Accordingly, the University of Maragheh in order to expand its scientific and cultural relations with other countries seeks to accept eligible foreign students on the  basis of "Non-scholarship application for non-Iranians  who are willing to apply for studying at universities and higher education institutions of the country sets up regulation form at , 04/1394 with the title of  : " Regulations on admitting non-Iranian non-scholarship students at universities and higher education institutions of the country dated 20/07/1394 " through which eligible non-Iranian  international students  can apply.


 International Student Acceptance Style Sheet (Non-Iranian) University of Maragheh